About Me

Mahsa Farhadikia: who I am and what I do!Mahsa Farhadikia, was born in Tehran. She was always good in writing and also she was mad about painting. Simply, the combination of these two, led her to write about art and become an art critics. She was graduated from Tehran Art University with an MA degree in art studies. Entering the university was just a beginning and it gave her the chance to have a few good professors and determined and motivated friends to help her start professional work.

Contemporary art in the world and Iran and specially the correlation between art and gender, are the main fields of her studies. She is writing in several magazines like Art-Tomorrow, Tandis, Herfeh Honarmad and Aksnameh from 2009 to present. She also teaches art theory at universities from 2008.

To give something back to her society and the next generation is her main goal from teaching and the direction of all her work is towards creating a small but thouthful world, who thinks about art and life; an atmosphere in which concerning about art could help people create a better and humanistic world.